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JC Sum Clear Sub Trunk

Built by Fine Entertainments Ltd

One performer is locked in a clear box, while the other jumps on top. With the movement of a cloth, the two performers switch places in a blink of the eye. Can be performed surrounded.

Deceptive Vanish

Built by Fine Entertainments Ltd

A performer walks up the stairs and climbs into a huge frame. The frame is covered and rotated, to which the performer vanishes and appears at the back of the theatre.

Appearance Cabinet

Built by Guy Barrett

A box is rotated and shown empty, the curtain is closed and second later the cloth drops to reveal one or multiple people. Can be performed surrounded.

Crystal Casket

Built by Guy Barrett

One performer appears inside an acrylic box. Can be performed surrounded.

Mangle Illusion

Built by Guy Barrett

A person jumps up into a box, the box is closed shut and another performer winds the handles of the mangle. The body of the person is squished paper thin and comes out of the rollers. The box is then opened to show they really have gone. This is then reversed winding the thin cutout back inside and the performer then returns.

Water Escape

Built by Armoury FX Ltd

While sitting on a chair, chained to the bottom of a fast filling water tank, the performer try’s to escape and unlock the chains before they drown to death. 

Fire Escape

Built by Armoury FX Ltd

Performed either as a stunt or escape, a performer is shut into a large metal cage and the cage is set alight with gas pumping though the gaps in the bars.

Jamie Allen's Split Screens

Built by Illusioncraft

A performer enters a box with multiple screens and are split in to four sections, they are put back together. Then as a finale another performer appears on the screens and then in reality.

Fire Cage

Built by Illusioncraft

An empty cage is set on fire and a cloth thrown over, in a instant the cloth is removed to reveal a person has appeared.

Assistant's Revenge

Built by Illusioncraft

One performer is chained into place, while the other performer covers them with a curtain. Instantly they switch places.

In a Box

Built by Illusioncraft

A box is lifted up to be shown empty. The box is then placed down and a performer pops out of the top.

Real Jet Ski Production

A stage is shown empty and with a cloth or smoke screen a real jet ski appears in seconds.

Spontus Levitation

Built by Olivier Guernion

One performer lays down across a table, while another makes them slowly float into the air.

Clearly Impossible

Built by Tilford Illusions

A performer is locked in a clear box. Another performer, slides sword though the centre and then adds inserts two large blades. Then the box is split into two and the performer walks straight through the middle. The box is then joined back together and the performer is revealed to be in one piece.

Ring Illusion

A wooden beam is stood upright and metal rings are attached one by one. A performer stands next to the rings and slowly defies the laws of physics by walking though the rings.

Head Chopper

A perfromer is locked into a guillotine. As a pin is removed the blade falls straight through the performers head, with no blood and not even a scratch on them.


Comedy Bar Stool

A performer is sitting down on a stool, when suddenly the stool breaks and the performer falls down some distance. As they stand up, it is revealed to the audience that a huge pole broke though the seat and jabbed them in the backside.

Ring in Gumball

Built by Collectors Workshop

A borrowed ring vanishes on stage and instantly appears inside a capsule from a vending machine. The volunteer puts in the coin and turns the knob to receive their own ring in place where a toy should be.

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