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If you would like to join Fine Entertainments Ltd, then please fill out the short application form below.

You will not be charged to join our agency, however we strive to provide high quality, reliable entertainment for our clients, therefore applications are strictly looked over – most are rejected with only few being accepted.

When reviewing an application, we may ask to see a live performance of your act.

Unfortunately we are only able to inform successful applicants throughout the process.

Successful applicants will be provided with a page on our website which is used to promote your services to our clients.

This page will also be sent out in emails advertising your services, so please try to include as much information as possible – we want to show you off to our clients in the best possible light.

We also want our team to build a great picture of the type of performer you are and in turn offer you the most suitable jobs.

Please try to make your act bio and description unique content – please don’t copy and paste this from your website (we could have done that ourselves!).

We are not an online sales directory, and do not require any form of payment at anytime – Fine Entertainments Ltd act purely as a promotion and media advertising service to put you in front of our clients (and in turn deal with the administration and contractual obligations that are met between the Act and the Client). We are do not offer exclusivity or offer sole representation for acts.

Please ensure that you’ve read our terms and conditions before submitting your application.

We look forward to working with you!